Electric Beet Juice Co. was Founded by Kara Marklin & Sara Southerland, two women who are passionate about good food and health.

Sara & Kara met roommates and ideas for Electric Beet bubbled over smoothies, raw treats, and Kara's southern style comfort food at home. We thought: What if we could create a restaurant that served food that not only was delicious and left you satisfied, but gave you energy and fuel for your day? What if we could help create meaningful jobs, support local farmers, contribute to our community through the act of making people good food? And, Electric Beet Juice Co. was born. 

Kara Marklin comes from a background in natural medicine and organic food. Working at a local naturopathic clinic catapulted her interest into herbs and food as medicine. Kara became a licensed massage therapist in 2012 and has the intention of continuing on into CranioSacral Therapy in the future. She also has years of experience working directly with the local, organic food system here in Whatcom County.

These experiences combined with a lifelong love for cooking and making healthy food taste like a treat has led her to open Electric Beet Juice Co. She couldn't be happier to be here!

Sara is passionate about local, organic food that fuels the mind, body and soul. She is a knowledge seeker and enjoys nutrition research and learning more about nourishing plant-based ways of eating, and getting people involved!  She also manages the Food & Farming Program at local business network, Sustainable Connections, where she works to connect the dots between farmers and food-based businesses of all kinds, promote local food, and facilitate larger community discussions and efforts to grow our local food system.