Local farms and food artisans


We at Electric Beet source locally & organically as a standard because we want what’s best for you, our customers, our community and our planet. If it’s available locally, we buy it locally. We rotate our menu with the seasons to showcase the talents of local farmers and food artisans here in our place, and bring you the best in flavor & nutrition.

Every time you take a sip of your juice or a bite of your salad, you are also supporting these hardworking and talented folks, and growing our local food system:

  • Cloud Mountain Farm Center (local veggies)
  • Osprey Hill Farm (local veggies)
  • Ralph's Greenhouse (local veggies)
  • Growing Garden (local veggies)
  • Bow Hill Blueberries (organic blueberries)
  • Shambala Farm & Bakery (ancient grain GF rolls)
  • Happy Valley Sprouts (alfalfa sprouts)
  • Great Harvest Bread Co (Dakota Seed bread)
  • Kombucha Town
  • Okanagen Producers Cooperative (organic E. WA fruit)
  • OlyKraut (sauerkraut brine shots)
    & more as we rotate our menu each season!